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My name is Sarah.  You may know me from Agency Atlantic International Escort Agency or from my Escort Blog Sarahs2cent.com or maybe you have never heard of me at all

I founded Atlantic Companions Escort Agency in London in 2001 which was renamed Agency Atlantic in 2012. Atlantic was the first online International Touring Escort Agency

After almost 2 decades I closed the Escort Agency on October 30 2018 to focus on Agency Atlantic Web Design, Digitial & PA Services

Atlantic Digital is essentially a Business-to-business service that many services including coaching and mentoring Independent Escorts as well as providing PA/VA services, Digital Marketing, SEO and websites etc

Atlantic Digital works with Independent Escorts, Brothels, Escort Agencies, Escort Directories and Escort Classifieds

I blog regularly on Sarahs2cents.com on the Topic of Escort Advertising so I know how hard it is for ladies and gents to find honest advertising avenues in the currently online advertising space.  Since the closure of Backpage it’s been so tough and the USA SESTA/FOST laws have made it even tougher

I hope with AsiaEscortTours.com I can provide a little extra help and information for ladies and gents in relation to Asia Escort Tours

I believe in honesty and transparency in Escort advertising. At the present time we are only working with Escorts who have their own website and social media presence. This is the best way for me to be sure a lady is real, escorting by their own choice and not working under duress

Why am I doing AsiaEscortTours.com?

Firstly because I can lol  

But mostly it’s because I am frustrated with the advertising options for South East Asia Escort Tours and as I speak with a lot of ladies and gents regularly, I know they feel the same way too

Oh my, how things have changed since Cracker/Backpage disappeared.  The advertising options for Asia Escort Tours are a shambles & bloody expensive too

The amount of fake profiles is insane!  Some sites are packed with profiles showing full face & offering a lot of services at very low prices.

Many Escorts listed as touring Asia simply aren’t touring and many listings are fake profiles with photos taken from models on Instagram. 

When using some Asia Escort Directories and Escort Classified sites, Gents should not expect the girl in the photo to show up or the price to be the one listed.  If you do expect the girl in the picture you may be sorely disappointed.

At Asiaescorttours.com we do our very best to ensure the legitimacy of all Escorts and Tours posted. We have strict requirements for all our free escort members posts and profiles.

On Backpage there was a lot of fakes ads and fake photos but at least the ads moved down every few minutes so we all got a chance of being seen.

Many of the ad site options we have now weren’t expecting so many paid advertisers so even if you pay $100usd for an ad you may be on page 3.

So many old ads too with dates listed as 2017, nobody seems to delete old ads just let them sit there & take up space

Recently I was bidding on a top spot advertisement for an agency ad on a site I have used for years; it sold for $15100usd!! The ads on the site may bring in 1 or 2 bookings so $1510 is just way too much!

Another site is asking for $200us for a front page spot, another wants $150

It would be very easy for 1 escort to spend $1000+ on ads for a 1 week Escort Tour, but why would a gent choose real photos that are cropped or blurred to hide the escorts face over the fake profiles showing supermodels at half the price

Why is Asia Escort Tours different? 

First and foremost it’s currently free! 

As anyone knows me will tell you I have zero tolerance for bad behaviour & d*ckheads ?

Free doesn’t mean un-moderated, it may be free but if you muck about you are off!  That kind of free lol free with strings attached 🙂  

All advertisers must have their own website and social media to prove legitimacy – Agencies and Independents are welcome as long as they are using real photos and posting true tour dates.

In a nutshell;  

Asia Escort Tours respects clients and their hard earned dollars.  

Gents are being ripped off, losing deposits, having girls turn up who are not the girl they thought they were meeting.  

Recently a gent in Singapore had a girl take photos of him & blackmail him (see news article). It’s disgusting behaviour and gives the entire industry a bad name.  

Asia Escort Tours respects genuine Escorts

Escorts who are actually touring South East Asia.  Nobody wants to risk $1000 on ads when you are already risking the high expenses of flights and hotels

Asia Escort Tours will have no fake profiles, no stolen photos and no tours listed as being tours when they are really just ‘testing the waters’

Unfortunately I have heard of many cases in the past year where escorts are posting free ads with tour dates. They take deposits and don’t show up.

This is appalling behaviour and makes it so hard for legitimate escorts who are professional and honest

If an escort is gauging interest to see if clients would like her to tour we have ‘Expressions of Interest’ page

Escorts who are happy to fly to you are in our ‘fly me to you’ category and list their minimum visit time and travel expectations

How can I do a website and not charge a cent? 

I can create my own website, I have oodles of web hosting, I had a URL with SSL that I forgot about, I have the IT skills to create the site and the SEO skills to make it rank so I might as well have a go. F*ck spending $1000 on ads when I can do a site myself.  

Can I advertise?

Sure you can 🙂 Escorts & Agencies are welcome.

Please apply here: 

To post a tour on Asia Escort Tours you must have a website & social media to prove legitimacy.  All photos must be real & recent with unique posts and profile text

Everything is manually checked on Asia Escort Tours so we can ensure information is real & legitimate so please don’t ask to be advertised if you are being sneaky!

Sarah xoxo

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