Asia Escort Tours was created in November 2018 to help Escorts advertise their Asia availability and also to help quality clients in their search to find verified Escorts

You can read more about how, why and by who this site was created on our About Page

Is it free to Advertise?

Yes, however you must meet ALL our free membership requirements

Free Membership Requirements

  • You must have both a professional website & social media. We promote professional verified Escorts only. If your website is new, self-made or low quality your membership may be rejected.
  • Our banner must be on your home page (see below for our banner image) – linked to
  • All photos used in posts and profiles must be professional, real and recent. Nothing over 1 year old please
  • All wording used in profiles and posts must be unique and your profile text requires a minimum of 300 words. All content is checked with copyscape. If the text is not unique it will be rejected
  • All text and photos must be tasteful
  • We do not mention or list sexual services
  • Agencies are welcome however, Escort Agencies must be able to prove legitimacy with reviews, a quality Escort Agency website and active social media presence.
  • All photos in all ads are checked with Tinyeye to ensure they are real

If your application is unsuccessful you are welcome to try again if we decide to start offering paid options (a website will not be a requirement with paid listings). Free Profile Requirements are non-negotiable and our decision is final

Our Free Membership requirements are in place to assure clients they can trust Asia Escort Tours as being reputable, legitimate and verified profiles only

Asia Escort tours is not looking to be the biggest site in Asia. We aim to be known for honesty & reliability and verified profiles only!

Our Current Free profiles are designed to help both your SEO and also ours. SEO is our focus and with years of SEO experience we have the knowledge to make this site a success

The site is currently quite simple.  Will there be more features added?

Absolutely! At the moment Asia Escort Tours is a beta (test) version with changes being made regularly.

In time there there will be many additional features.  At the moment energy is focused on website traffic, SEO and ranking well on search engines.

This site is a side project for Agency Atlantic Digital Time and resources are primarily given to Atlantic’s core business which is Escort Website Development & Escort SEO.

Why should I create an account with Asia Escort Tours?

Because it’s free 🙂  Also because Asia Escort Tours is currently one of the only options in South East Asia for legitimate & verified Asia Escort Tours for both Agencies and Independent Escorts. 

We are get good web traffic due to our SEO + redirected traffic from Agency Atlantic Escort Agency, it’s growing each week and will continue to grow for organic Search

Our Advertiser requirements help keep high standards and also ensure the site ranks well on search engines.

Escort Membership Application Form

How are Profiles & Posts created?

Currently every membership, profile and page is moderated and created individually for SEO purposes

Will you promote me on social media?

We usually do a tweet when a new announcement is added. If you Tag @AsiaEscortTours into your Tweets we will retweet you

Can I have more than one profile?

You can post as many tour announcements as wish as long as the content is unique and the tour is confirmed. Please do not post tours dates if you may cancel, you can post on our Experessions of Interest Page if your tour is not confirmed.  Profiles are limited to 1

How long will it take for my profile to be online?

Allow 72hrs for Membership applications to be approved and new posts/profiles to be online

Can I have an Agency Profile?

Yes.  We can create you a profile page similar to Atlantic International if you wish.  Agencies must be using real photos & have a quality reputation with reviews proving legitimacy

Fake photos and copied content are not OK

If you are found using someone else’s content or photos your account will be closed & you will be blocked for using Asia Escort Tours in the future

Can I suggest a feature?

Of course! That would be great!  Ideas are most welcome 🙂


To have a free ad you must have a home page banner linked from your site to 

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Asia Escort Tours Banner

If you do not have a website and would like one please contact Atlantic Digital – quality websites for Escorts