Amber King visiting Singapore

Amber King

Petite Blonde Beauty in Singapore May 6-8

Charming, enthusiastic, and unapologetically sensual…and that’s just the beginning.

They would have hung me for my discretions in the 17th Century, but today, prioritising pleasure is my passion. Perhaps it’s yours too?

Are you a jet-setting gentleman seeking a companion to share your bubble bath with?

Or perhaps you’re an expat, rushed off your feet but eager to indulge just once this month.

You could be a local, tantalised by capturing your dream girl in your city and spending an evening entangled in her limbs.
Whoever you are, welcome to my domain.

Allow me to introduce myself – I’m Amber King, a blonde Melbourne escort with my sights set on adventure, indulgence and responsible hedonism. I want to take you on a journey into my world, one where your desires are free to be explored in the company of a willing and fellow hedonist.

About Amber King

Petite and blonde are my primary physical traits, easily passing for 20 (although I’m actually 30). I take care of my body, mind and soul, and it shows.

I’m fit and toned, like a prima Ballerina, and flexible like a gymnast
Of European decent yet born and raised in Australia, I’m often told I look Swedish or Nordic, compliments I relish. Almost as much as I adore having my derriere appraised.

I find myself at home in both the northern and southern hemisphere, and happily hold dual citizenship. This has given me a well-rounded set of interests: I’m just as comfortable and content talking about Stoic philosophy as I am relaxing by the beach, with a cocktail in hand and a gentleman on my arm.

Because of this medley of cultures informing my identity, I am what some might call unconventional and contradictory.

I love to read but I’m guilty of watching too much TV. I’m well mannered and ladylike, yet will punctuate my sentences with Australian slang. I’m an unabashed water baby, but I’ve never watched the cricket.

What can I say? I eschew convention. Identifying as an INTJ, my introverted side sees me best in one-on-one situations, where I can place all my attention on you. Yet I long to connect with many and haven’t settled down thus far, and espouse freedom as a core value of mine.

Often told I’m an old soul, I find myself initiating deep conversations with those a few decades older than me quite easily. And yet I eagerly embrace a spirited, younger man who’s seeking an experienced lover to show him what it means to worship a woman.

Whoever you are, you’re appreciated and cherished when you’re in my presence.

Our Time Together

Erotic encounters with both physical and mental stimulation are my area of expertise. In fact, some might say I’m a triple threat, with my princess-like looks, brains and a genuine desire to please. Don’t believe me? See for yourself why my many happy clients return, again and again. Perhaps it’s my warm and accepting temperament, my sharp wit, my enthusiasm for sensual pleasure, or a combination of these attributes and more.

During our time together, expect to be asked what you like, how you want to be touched, and how my caresses could be more perfect.

I specialise in what I call the Kinky GFE experience – perhaps less physically intense than PSE, I prioritise our emotional and physical connection. You’ll have the chance to try new things, expand your sexual repertoire.

Spend time With Amber King

For rates and more information please head over to Amber’s Website:

Twitter: @meetamberking
Instagram: @oooh_amber