Bianca has a lot going for her; she’s tanned, buxom, sweet and has some downright fawning reviews on Punterplanet. Of her many specialities, one thing she really excels at are x-rated stripteases.

She can move muscles I didn’t even know existed. Watching her put on a seductive show gets one thinking about just what an athletic undertaking removing one’s clothes in a teasing manner can be – if it’s done right. Balance, strength coordination and some jaw dropping flexibility are all required in abundance to pull off some of the moves Bianca is capable of.

Turns out I’m not alone in thinking that those proficient in the stripping arts are top athletes and deserve to be recognised as such.

Pole Dancing In The Next Olympics?

I would have scoffed at this a few years ago but it’s starting to look like a real possibility. Pole dancing (or simple ‘Pole’ as its practitioners call it, is skyrocketing in popularity. Over 150 million people regularly use the ancient Chinese art as a workout and just last year the World Pole Dancing Championships enjoyed record attendance and prize money.

With this newfound acclaim has come a serious push to get Pole Dancing declared an official olympic sport. They’ve got a petition going on (which can sign here if you’d like to see this, and who wouldn’t?) and pole dancing was included in last years International Urban Games alongside traditional sports like basketball.

Though it still has somewhat of an image problem, proponents are optimistic and think it’s a real possibility that you’ll be seeing bikini clad women straddling a pole for all the world to see next summer.

It’s good to see dedicated athletes and performers get recognition. Whether or not the world is ready for it by 2016… who’s to say. But you can be darn sure that if you book an appointment with Bianca at least one pole will get an olympic level workout.

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