International Escorts

Agency Atlantic International Escort Agency had humble beginnings: back in 2002 we were just a couple of ambitious, professional women who wanted to bring a new level of service to the London escort scene. We became close friends with the women we represented and put customer satisfaction above all else.

And we stuck to it, for 18 years. Today we are so proud to be an internationally renowned escort agency representing some of the best reviewed escorts across the globe.

These aren’t your run of the mill escorts either. Not by a long shot. Every escort that we represent is unique, fun and friendly with a great attitude. Many only escort part time and have successful careers in a variety of fields. Among the globetrotting escorts we represent are former or current:

Adult Film Stars
Fashion Models
TV Presenters
Playboy Centrefolds
World Renowned Chefs
Tantric Practitioners
And more…

Please check the Tour Calendar Page or our Blog for the the most up to date information about international tours.

If you are an Australian based escort who would like to work with Agency Atlantic please fill out a casting form.  Please note that all interviews take place in Sydney, Australia. We interview for 1 day per month.  Once a year for 3 days we do Interviews in Bangkok.  Skype interviews are not possible.  Meetings must be face to face in person.  At this stage we do not have any London Interview dates but may be possible early 2019.  We are very particular about the ladies we represent as our client have become used to meeting fun, friendly, fresh and educated woman.  Our clients are a bit spoilt haha