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Sienna James

Independent Perth Model

Writing these introductions doesn’t get easier. It’s a dating profile on steroids, or a resume cover letter x10. And yet, most of you don’t read it in full.

It’s no secret why you clicked on the thumbnail. I’m flattered. But if a picture says a thousand words, what is left to say?

And yet, a lot rides on these first words.

They have to draw you in.

I have to hold you captive until you read all the juicy details and finally click “Contact me”.

It’s not that easy.

What I write here is expected to compete for your attention, against my own photos. My own images may be the thing that distracts you, and poof… you are gone, back to the menu.

Let’s say you read it all though. Can you trust what it says?

Can you ever be sure of which parts are real and which are fake?

Or, does it matter at all?

The person you are during your date isn’t completely honest either. In that moment, you are who you want to be.

You are seeking an experience inspired by your erotic imagination. Part truth and part dream.

Here is where you hand pick a co star. She is an alluring creation; your fantasy born from her reality. She moves and melts, transforming into your shared definition of perfection.

With her, you become an entity based on your every day self. Both becoming a flawless blend of fact and myth. Lose track of where the fabricated ends and the organic begins. There, with her, is where you discover your own truth.

So what do you write as an introduction, when the beauty in this experience is that it is so transient?

I don’t know the answer.

I just hope I give someone the confidence to take a chance.

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Sienna James xoxo